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Targeted Box Mailer


While launching new schools, we ran into a problem: how can we create confidence in our education model so that educational professionals are willing to refer student to Fusion?

We distilled our data, video testimonials, and brand pillars into an eye catching box mailer that we shipped to education professionals in a new markets. It created intrigue and understanding of our brand, and resulted in student referrals from sources who'd previously been hesitant to meet with us.

Fusion Info Packet


The core of Fusion's marketing materials, this packet is used by all 80 campuses nationwide.

I was challenged with creating an info packet that included both national and campus specific information, while still printing them at a reasonable cost. Each campus can now order, print, and assemble these packets with ease, and we know that our families are receiving the relevant information they need.

Annual Impact Report


In 2017 we discovered that our data talks for itself. We wanted to create a tangible piece - beyond digital or web creative - that puts this data into the hands of the people who wonder if our unique school model truly works. 

As someone who learns better with images and stories, I worked hard with my content writer and all fifty campuses to create a report that not only lays out the data, but also incorporates student success stories, testimonials, and beautiful campus images in a journalistic layout to engage readers of all types.

Summer Mailer


This piece was a part of the strategic summer marketing campaign "Catch Up, Get Ahead, or Try Something New," that I managed for 2018. The goal was to condense our outdated summer materials into less bulky, comprehensive materials. 


iOur summer marketing campaign lead to Fusion summer enrollment being the highest it's ever been - exceeding our aggressive summer enrollment goal and setting our schools up nicely for fall enrollment.

EPIC! Summit Conference


Every year we host a conference for the admin teams at every school. Along with the majority of the event planning, and a presentation at the event, i'm also in charge of the theme and materials.

In 2016, we noticed that as we've grown as a company a divide occurred between our corporate office and our campuses. We wanted to reintroduce our HomeBase Team as a resource for campuses and remove the title of "enforcer".


We use the exclamation point, strategically placed on Grand Rapids, to show that that we are supporting the campuses - like a exclamation supports a sentence.

EPIC! Summit Conference


​In 2017 we shifted the marketing and sales language we are using from "a school for students who weren't excelling in a traditional school environment" to "a life-changing school experience for any student".


To roll this out, we introduced this change at our annual conference by theming the conference "Shift".

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